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On a monthly basis already an average of 400 million , more than half of which are under 13 years old and 84% under 18 years old. You also see this in the approach of many organizations in the metaverse. Focus on Generation Z. These young people, the oldest of whom are already 20 years old, are by far the most knowlgeable about virtual worlds, transactions and possessions within them. Often they can handle this fluently and flawlessly. This is largely due to the gaming sector. Here you see, for example, the largest game platform Roblox, which two-thirds of the 50 million daily users are under the age of 16. Also read.

Metaverse for beginners the internet

Will soon be everywhere This too will pass. Or not? Do I find it strange that many organizations are not doing anything within the metaverse yet? Certainly not! But I do assume that the studies of parties Singapore Phone Number List such as Gartner are correct. Within 10 years it will have an impact on 95% of organizations. Metaverse is, in my opinion, one of the most prominent examples of the impact of digital transformation. With web0 we saw that online marketing was mainly focus on showing a company’s contact information.

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Possibilities suddenly emerg, such as looking for interaction with (potential) customers and using personal data for target marketing. Within web3.0 (which I wrote about here earlier) we go a few steps further.  virtual world. Complete immersion, or make a nice mix between our existence in the real world and the virtual one. From nuggets to Nike The thing that always evokes the most resistance when I talk about the metaverse is virtual properties. Within the gaming B2C Lead world this has been the most normal thing in the world for years. Virtual swords and shields sometimes change hands for thousands of euros.

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