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Experiences over possessions Collect experiences instead of possessions, I learn this from my parents and I also see this coming back nicely in the metaverse. Virtual items are already very good to give away, but offering a real virtual experience has even more positive effects. Studies show the following: Brand experiences have very positive effects on brand satisfaction, trust and loyalty. Subjective consumer responses that are evok by specific brand-relat experiential attributes in such settings. These subjective experiences are connections, experiences, memories and all the things that consumers feel about their products.

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Tourist destinations worldwide that ensure that you can experience a holiday from the couch at home. I see most organizations mainly focus on a game element. Small games, where you can win a virtual Saudi Arabia Phone Number List goody or, for example, receive a coupon to collect a prize in the physical world. For example, the InBev brewery sponsor a virtual riding school , where you can bre, raise and sell virtual horses. Some horses are already going for $165,000. Clothing brand Vans has set up a virtual skate park ‘Vans World’, where visitors can skate together virtually and buy virtual sneakers with points earn. In addition, you can completely customize your own virtual skateboard.

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The virtual world already attract million

Visitors at the time of writing. Car manufacturers are one after the other. Earlier I wrote about Ford, which not only open a virtual garage, but even appli for patents on virtual cars. Skoda recently went a step further by developing a true virtual cycling paradise around the Tour de France in its Skodaverse . According to the surveys , consumers see themselves mainly active within the metaverse, for entertainment. This is also reflect in many metaverse developments at the B2C Lead moment. Disney has already been grant patents to set up virtual theme parks. With one of its latest films ‘The Flash’, Warner Bros offers a movie experience bas on NFTs and AR.

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