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Due to the NFT hype, many non-gamers have also come into contact with this. From virtual artworks to concert tickets, a variety of assets have been and continue to be ‘tocaniz’ (the title de is plac on the blockchain technology). The easiest way to get start with the metaverse is to create your own virtual items. You can then give it away or sell it to interest parties. You already see all kinds of brands doing this, Heineken is giving away a virtual can of Silver beer, McDonald’s a virtual burger, Coca Cola special virtual goodies.

These are things that are often not yet

Understandable for generations born before ‘Z’, but are eagerly sought after by the ‘Z-youth’. With the DressX platform you can fully set up and distribute these types of giveaways. New business models Do you have to give everything away for free? Certainly not! There are already quite a few Russia Phone Number List companies that have  models around the metaverse, inspir by the gaming industry. There are already 75 billion a year in virtual properties. In the beginning, mainly unique items were sold (where only one was offer), such as a virtual Gucci bag or chips jacket , nowadays entire virtual clothing collections are market.

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For example Tommy Hilfiger launch the

Tommy Parallel jeans collection. To make this sale easier, retail chains such as Bloomingdale’s and Wallmart have already open virtual stores. Not only as a marketing campaign, but also very practical to take the next step in e-commerce. Here I also see really cool possibilities, just like Google is currently doing within, for example, search. Virtual stores will soon be able to B2C Lead automatically adjust the selection of products, offers and the design of the store to, for example, the age and purchasing behavior of the visiting virtual customer in a split second . Personalization at its best.

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