With the rapidly developing technology

Be subtle about it However, studies on in-game advertising show that aggressively targeting ads can have a negative effect. According to research, it is precisely the subtle processing of your brand in a virtual environment, for example, that ensures that purchase intentions rise sharply. Is it just flat ads? No. More and more companies are using virtual influencers. Inde, the virtual Enzo Knols. They sometimes already have millions of followers and an even greater reach. In the Unit States, more than 50% of consumers already follow at least 1 virtual influencer.

For example, Samsung us virtual influencers

Shudu and Miquele to promote their new Samsung Galaxy Z. But marketing is more than just advertising. With sponsor content or even adopting entire virtual environments, you can also achieve great results in terms of brand experience. The example remains Nike’s Nikeland, where you can practice 11 sports and view products, among other things. But also mayonnaise brand Hellmann, which has sponsor a virtual game about food waste. Players South Korea Phone Number List were able to donate their virtual food waste, which result in the donation of 50,000 meals to the physical food bank. This is just the beginning.  I expect that you will soon be able to target advertising bas on demographic characteristics, for example. Maybe even more; on emotion.

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Something that VR glasses can already

Read and with which you can therefore conduct even more target marketing, according to studies . The latest VR glasses keep track of pupil size, heart rate and muscle movements. Talking is also allow! Do you serve a special community with your organization, which you can certainly let come together virtually? In addition to games and a virtual counter, you can also create B2C Lead a virtual meeting place where your (potential) customers can come together. Something that all kinds of large football clubs such as FC Barcelona and Manchester and clubs such as Amnesia Ibiza are already doing, but also more and more companies.

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