What possible impact does virtual marketing

Auction house Sotheby’s, for example, launch the ‘Voltaire Art District’. This is a replica of the physical auction house in London. In this virtual auction place you will be welcom by a virtual auctioneer and you can start a conversation with all other virtual visitors. The first results are above expectations. The reason is that the auction house was able to welcome many new target groups, which it normally never receives in its physical buildings. Spotify has set up such a virtual world to bring musicians and their fans together.

How to start the metaverse Before you start

Giving away virtual nuggets or lighting a virtual campfire, it is important to do extensive preliminary work. Analyze what comparable organizations are currently doing about marketing in the metaverse and what is not yet going well here. Good use cases are already available in almost every Spain Phone Number List industry. Companies often blog about their experiences on their own website. Analyze the target group(s) you want to address in the metaverse. How far are they on their own ‘metaverse journey’? Are they already metaverse-native, or can they just put on VR goggles.

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Or not at all What interest do they

Have in virtual activities? Why would they come at all? Should a link possibly be made with something in the physical world?  have on physical actions, products and services? So as not to start completely from scratch… See if you can emb a metaverse marketing campaign in an existing, physical marketing campaign. For example, if you sell clothes, create virtual variants that you can give away or sell. Are you organizing a launch event? Then also try to offer a virtual variant (and I really mean 3D, no Zoom / Teams!), with additional options. However, do not B2C Lead copy the existing marketing KPIs 1 on 1 from the existing, physical actions. You really operate in a completely different playing field, with different channels, expectations and possibilities.

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