When Creating the Rules

Email gamification is a When Creating the Rules trend that continues to be implemented in an increasing number of email newsletters from various companies. And as you can see, in this process, the main thing is to follow the right approach and know why exactly you are doing this. The technical side of the issue goes by the wayside since it comes after you think over the business goal of introducing gamification. However, if you have already firmly decided to get on the rails of gamification, Stripo can help you with this. In our editor, you can easily add various games to your emails using ready-made modules from our developers or by coding something custom, thanks to the code editor.

Clear goal:

of the game, it is vital to put yourself in the place of the recipient and look at your game through their eyes. Ask yourself simple questions like: Is the goal of Japan WhatsApp Number Data the whole game clear?
Are the rules clear, or is it better to simplify them a little? Do you need to shorten the game a little, giving fewer questions or tasks? You must answer all these questions before the email with the game goes to the recipients’ mailboxes. The game should be as clear as possible a

Gamification implementation difficulty:

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Building an email game from scratch is a tough process requiring technical knowledge. However, there is always a way out of difficult situations. For example, we at Stripo provide users with the functionality of modules. Essentially, these are ready-made blocks created by our developers and designers that you can use in your emails. And we adapted these modules for email gamification.

Where to start with email gamification:

Creating an email game is always time-consuming, and you have to think about a lot of technical stuff. It’s a problem since the game shouldn’t be just effective for  B2C Lead   your audiences. It also has to be effective for your business. Always keep in mind one rule which is a cornerstone of the whole email gamification: Email is part of the business. So does email gamification. You never send gamified emails because you have heard about this trend. It has to be embedded into business processes. You must understand why you do this.


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