Creating an email game is always

already have the module just for your needs with a game that you can easily add to your email without any technical knowledge. That is my kind of mission, which is to make complex technologies and approaches to creating engaging emails accessible to anyone, regardless of experience and level of technical knowledge. Content Modules in Stripo We at Stripo did some modules for gamification. You can simply drag and drop such a module into your email and configure it for your own needs. And these modules are reusable because it is enough to save them to your library for later use in other email newsletters. Reusable things can help non-technical marketers use ideas and update and scale them to reach new heights in email marketing.

Where to start with email gamification:

time-consuming, and you have to think about a lot of technical stuff. It’s a problem since the game shouldn’t be just effective for your audiences. It also has to be effective for your business. Always keep in mind one rule which is a Korea WhatsApp Number Data cornerstone of the whole email gamification: Email is part of the business. So does email gamification. You never send gamified emails because you have heard about this trend. It has to be embedded into business processes. You must understand why you do this.

I will give an example:

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from our practice to support this rule. Our platform is used by a restaurant chain that wanted to create their own gamified gamified emails, as they wanted to communicate more with their customers and increase the average check. And it would seem that what can be created in the restaurant business to design an interesting email newsletter. Sending out new menus or advertising a new dish from the chef? These are pretty boring things.

What did they do:

you may ask? They added quizzes on restaurant and culinary themes, with the opportunity to win a valuable prize — a promotional code for buying dessert in a restaurant chain. Pretty smart, isn’t it? They  B2C Lead  conducted several such email campaigns and measured their effectiveness, as a result of which it turned out that: ROI mailing was about 1100% (in contrast to the standard 100% – 600%); the average check of visitors after gamified emails increased by 50%. As you can see. This restaurant chain clearly understood why they were gamifying their emails, and you should do the same.

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