Formation of Conta Azul Heroes: your new journey

The Conta Azul Heroes Formation is for those who missed the meetings with accounting entrepreneurs who are references in the market, very attended on D Conta Azul Day — only this time the meeting is online. I, Ederson Varela, marketing coordinator at Conta Azul, will be with you in a series of online events starting in July, bringing the best specialists in digital accounting and strategies to evolve your office and improve your performance. In each training, we will have renowned speakers sharing knowledge, showing the latest trends in the accounting market and answering all your questions. And the best: the events are 100% online and free , with registration directly through the website . But attention: spots are limited . Were you excited about the opportunity? So, keep reading and find out how to join the Conta Azul Heroes.

What is Conta Azul Hero Training?

The Conta Azul Heroes Training is a series of free online events for accountants who want to evolve their office and surprise their clients. The idea was born from the need to continue the teachings of Dia D Conta Azul, our itinerant event that has had more than 80 editions and has become the largest itinerant accounting event in the world . But of course, in times of a pandemic, these meetings could only happen online. For this reason, we have prepared an exclusive  Australia Phone Number Data  format of dynamic online events, with the right to a round table with participants and speakers, practical demonstrations and even a coffee break at a distance to do your networking. All this to bring you, accountant , the latest trends and strategies to take off your accounting office and delight your customers.

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If you are looking for high performance

Growth and competitive advantage, in an era of intense digital transformation, you no longer need to leave your home to become a Conta Azul Hero. How the Conta Azul Heroes Training works The Conta Azul Heroes Training is free , open to all accountants and 100% online. They will be events with limited spaces and registration exclusively B2C Lead through the website. Each meeting lasts an average of 3 and a half hours (afternoon period) and features speakers who are experts in digital accounting, accounting marketing, accounting service and other fundamental topics of our times. To participate, just register by clicking on “I want to participate” and use the link received to connect at the scheduled time. In addition to watching the lectures online, you will be able to ask questions to the speakers, follow practical demonstrations and talk to professional colleagues.

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