How to do a good credit planning and surprise your client

How to do a good planning can surprise your client in the crisis. See how to offer pre-approved credit and stand out. Helping your client with credit planning is important, but you can take it a step further and take the lead in this process. Have you ever thought if, instead of asking if he needs a loan to overcome the crisis, you yourself arrived with a pre-approved credit offer ? It was exactly what I, Luiz Corrêa, did to surprise my clients and support them when they needed it most. I have been an accountant and accounting entrepreneur for over 25 years, partner Diamante Conta Azul and mentor in Financial BPO and Digital Accounting courses . Today I’m going to share with you my strategies for borrowing from a client.

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The complete training of Conta Azul on Value Strategies to use in a crisis, and is available in the online course I taught, How an accountant can help the client to get a loan. Read to the end and conquer your client with good credit planning. How credit planning surprises  Brazil Phone Number Data  your client in the pandemic Credit planning is one more way to support your client in the crisis and stand out for the excellence of services. Basically, it means helping the entrepreneur to get a good loan and gain strength to overcome this difficult moment. However, instead of just guiding you on the best line of credit, my suggestion is that you take the lead in the process and approve the client’s registration at the bank yourself.

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This proactivity is essential to surprise

Your client and show that you, the accountant, are at their side in the most difficult phase of the business. Furthermore, it is a way of strengthening the relationship with customers and facilitating their credit planning work, as we will see below. Why is credit planning complicated for businesses? Credit planning is not an easy task for entrepreneurs, especially when looking  B2C Lead  for resources on their own. You, an accountant, must have already received from your clients endless lists of documents for approval of credit or financing in a bank, which appear in the middle of the day and occupy hours of work. Typically, they are asked for: Registration of all partners and spouses and proof of payment of the registration.

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