Thus the high dependence on Russian gas has been

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Shown to be a factor that has greatly limited the EU’s diplomatic capacity to confront Russian aggression, given the rebound effect on the European economy that any veto of said product would end up generating. It is evident that in energy matters, strategic decisions must be made in the long term, and that any structural adjustment takes not only several years for its design, but many others for its implementation. In this context, the EU is considering limiting its energy dependence on Russia, promoting the purchase of gas in Algeria and promoting renewable energy sources, in order to reduce the aforementioned risks. Although these are actions in the right direction, it is evident that their implementation in the short term is extremely limited. In any case. Algerian gas, given the political instability characteristic of that area of ​​North Africa.

Renewable energies appear as the only source that

Allows us to combine less energy dependence on the outside with a lower environmental impact. In addition to streamlining the complex administrative management  Mexico WhatsApp Data of refugees, assumed to a greater extent by the European countries most exposed to their arrival (in the current exodus.  Especially Poland, Hungary and Slovakia refugees. Although time will tell if the activation of this . Directive finally bears fruit in terms of reducing the strong imbalances related to the protection of refugees between countries, there seem to be reasons for optimism. First, due to the new attitude of countries refugee . Themselves staunchly against a permanent distribution agreement.

Second, because the cultural and family ties

Ukrainian population with countries that during the previous crisis assumed little relative burden.  Such as the cases of Spain, Portugal and Romania, could contribute to normalizing through their solidarity a distribution more  UK WhatsApp Number List orderly and equitable between member states. Both the duration of the armed conflict and the severity of the economic consequences that it causes in . Ukrainian territory will determine.  To a large extent, the final magnitude of the flow of refugees, as well as the determined willingness or not of . The EU countries to collaborate. to effectively manage these  member states. Let us hope that this is the case.

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