Environmental challenges of African integration

March 25, 2024 0 Comments


Environmental challenges of African integration Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Monnet  so that climate variability is manifested in increasingly frequent phenomena such as droughts. Floods, coastal erosion, rising sea levels, loss of biodiversity. Deforestation and forest degradation. These phenomena show devastating effects on food security and dryland agricultural and livestock production; but at the same time, climate change can be a  ecological industrialization, as African expert Lopes states. This expert conceives an ecological industrialization based  renewable energies (solar, wind, biomass) and management waste and sanitation.

Industrialization that must take into account the fact that

Africa has immense possibilities in the so-called “blue economy”, made up of large lakes, rivers, groundwater and ocean resources. These will be the biotic Netherlands WhatsApp Data  resources for the development of the sectors of agriculture, fishing, aquaculture.  Pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic activities; without forgetting maritime transport, ecotourism and the logistics necessary for the expansion of national, regional and global value chains. All of this requires regional and continental cooperation and integration to avoid, on the one hand.  Enclave economies without a future and, on the other, to achieve greater international negotiating capacity in Africa in favor of greater. That balances environmental costs and benefits.

Note that Africa is a small player on the stage of global

Interests and powers; but in an enormously disruptive scenario in climate matters, which is already causing lethal combinations in terms of violent competition for natural resources, which require a rapid transition towards renewable USA WhatsApp Number List  consequences of climate change, without having contributed to it, per person and year much lower than those of the rest of the world. Fossil energies have  of conflict and stability vs. political instability. A configuration . At the same time,  fluctuations in energy prices can be mitigated by the transition towards renewable energies.

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