Describing the main features of the new migration scenario

March 25, 2024 0 Comments

Spain, the article focused on the empirical analysis of the causality of flows to Europe, as I have already indicated, drawing some important conclusions that I want to point out below. Firstly, Spanish emigrants moved mainly to countries with better economic prospects (higher GDP per capita and lower unemployment rates), although variables related to social protection and specific amenities of the place of destination (such as the climate). Secondly, social networks played an important role as a pull factor, this effect being much greater among the group of young people than among adults. Thirdly, the existence of investment flows between countries did not turn out to be significant, unlike what happens in other studies, to explain migrations from Spain to Europe.

Finally, the econometric approach used

The work allowed us to find evidence that emigrants, when making the decision to move, evaluate the situation of the variables not only in a specific country, but also in their environment. The conclusions of this work can contribute to  Kuwait WhatsApp Data the broad and unfinished debate on migratory flows that exists today in the most developed countries. As has been indicated, the emigration of Spanish citizens to Europe during the crisis was important, as was the fact that it was led by a young population. There is no doubt that this process, if it continues, could aggravate some of the problems that Spain will soon have to face: population shortage, population aging, sustainability of the pension system, etc.

Unfortunately, our results pointed in that direction

We conclude that citizens leave our country in search, basically, of better working conditions and higher levels of spending on social protection, and Spain will  Taiwan WhatsApp Number List  able to catch up with other countries in these fields. Furthermore, social networks, by reducing the cost of migration.  Are important by nature. Therefore, a continuous flow of natives emigrating to European countries could contribute to the consolidation of large networks of Spaniards abroad and, consequently, increase the attractiveness of some European countries. If we add to this, as it seems, that the people who emigrate have a  of the feared brain drain from Spain to Europe.

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