The unequal distribution of the asylum burden within the

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European Union and the possible impact of the current Ukrainian exodus The unequal distribution of the asylum burden within the European Union and the possible impact of the current. Ukrainian of Economic Policy Reform  implemented by the EU in the field of asylum to reduce the serious imbalances between countries in the distribution of called asylum burden’. The work also revealed that the discourse of previous articles on the reduction of disparities was incomplete, since what has been observed in recent years is a process of convergence that is not strictly pure, but based fundamentally on the contribution of the countries with greater burden. To the above we had to add an. Turkey agreement in 2016, into the trap of evading the search for a permanent solution to the problem.

The EU was therefore urged to quickly undertake

The design of an efficient and equitable system for distributing the burden of asylum, a system that must involve the collaboration of all member countries. It was thus recommended to put aside, as far as possible, unilateral protection  Lebanon WhatsApp Data agreements based on the goodwill or ‘charity’ of a few countries. These systems, although effective in emergency situations, can end up having a destabilizing effect on neighboring countries and, consequently. Generate unwanted political friction between the countries of the Schengen area. The previous call  intensity, as well as the speed with which it is developing.

It serves as an example that, in just two weeks after

Invasion, the number of refugees estimated by the United Nations High Commissioner exceeds . The maximum annual record that occurred in  with more than  Thailand WhatsApp Number List million asylum applications. . However, the greatest exceptionality.  If possible, of this displacement of refugees compared to that carried out by the . Syrian population is that the EU has finally shown signs of unity in the management of these flows.  Which represents a very important advance and that will in line with the recommendation mentioned in the aforementioned article. This  from Ukraine for at least a year.

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