Energy dependence and value chains in times

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Energy dependence and value chains in times of war and alteration of supply chains on a global scale, as a result of the blockade of international trade for weeks. This blockage is explained by the growing strategy of spatially disaggregating value chains, in order to optimize costs and benefit from the advantages of certain countries in terms of low salaries, expertise in some manufacturing activities and abundance of raw materials. Aside from the cost savings that this strategy implies, it is also true that vulnerability in relation to access to certain health products, medicines or components, among many others.

Underway, in order to bring back to the continent

Manufacturing activities that had been  years ago. Obviously we are not talking about a total reversal of the important relocation movements  Malaysia WhatsApp Data  out since the  but we are talking about specific actions seeking to guarantee strategic supply, faster delivery or better quality guarantees. Surprisingly, these distortions lasted over time. Given that the initial supply shock caused many logistics operators to leave the market and a decrease in the operational capacity of a good part of those that remained in it, which led to a strangulation when demand recovered vigorously (partly thanks to stimulus programs), without supply being able to respond with the necessary flexibility.

Although the weight of both countries in the world

Economy is low this military conflict is generating significant disruptions in international markets, given the crucial role that both countries have in the Turkey WhatsApp Number List  production and export of basic products, as is the case of Ukraine with cereals, or Russia with nickel, aluminum, gas and oil. Thus, according to Moody’s, this conflict is now the main risk for international supply chains, ahead of . It is precisely based on the effect that uncertainty has generated on Russian oil and gas exports to the EU (not its interruption, unlike what happened in the United States), that regard to certain strategic products, in this case energy.

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