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Then click on generate et voilĂ : Canva comes with a brand new outfit. Make sure it looks completely natural. Is that not the case or is what you had in mind not includ? Then you can still click on ‘generate new results’. And you can of course also do this the other way around: are you wearing a ‘boring’ T-shirt and would you prefer a nice dress? Then enter another prompt. Below are at least two nice examples of what it could look like. 2. Change hair style and/or hair color Always want to see what you would look like with a different hairstyle or hair color? I’ve tri those filters myself on Snapchat or TikTok out of curiosity, but that always looks a bit crazy.

Canva’s Magic it makes it look

Surprisingly realistic. See a quick tutorial below. The same is of course possible with a beard or moustache: how does that look? An example with a stock photo:Canva Magic it stock photo of woman The Benin Phone Number List photo after I tri out “platinum blond hair” with Magic it. Pretty realistic, right? And… Canva has come up with an earring itself. canva magic it hair color change 3. Add accessories and/or jewelry The image above also immiately brings me to this option: adding or changing jewelry and accessories.

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You can ask Magic it to add or change a

necklace, bracelet, earrings, headband or hat, for example. a handy hack that you can use for LinkIn (or Instagram or Facebook). Do you have a nice photo of yourself, but the background is less attractive? Use prompts like: Beautiful sky Business background Office [color] wall Or rather whatever B2C Lead you want. Be creative! With the same image as in example 2, a different background with the prompt ‘office window’.

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