Cultivate a culture that embraces innovation

This is the conclusion of consultancy firm McKinsey in a report on the economic potential of AI. Your sector is also changing, although it may be difficult to see how. What you can do is create a robust organization that is us to change. strategy using these 3 strategies that I call mirror strategies because they all have an introspective character. Man is surround by mirrors. Made with Midjourney. Mirror strategies Know thyself Plot your organization along a timeline and identify when growth has been achiev. This could be a new assignment or customer, an acquisition, the launch of a service or product.

Dive into the root causes of those moments

Growth lines often go hand in hand with someone hiring or someone leaving. There is also often a response to changing market conditions, such as raising or losing funding or a strategic partnership that has Bolivia Phone Number List been set up. Also think of marketing campaigns or a socio-economic trend that took place around a time of growth. Also include private events. Life-time events such as a divorce or buying a house affect your role in your organization.

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By making a timeline in this way

You better understand how external and internal factors and you play roles in the growth of the company where you work. Read also: This is how you develop a winning innovation strategy! 2. Inside outside ‘ Comparison is the thief of all joy ‘ goes the saying, but if you want to do new things B2C Lead you also have to know what is already being done. By comparing inside (your own organization) with outside by benchmarking, you know what your strengths are compar to your sector and direct competitors. It’s a highly motivating strategy because you expose gaps. And a hole, you jump into it.

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