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A few examples: FTE per employee . Is this low in comparison? Then look at innovation in the field of effectiveness and productivity (processes). Spe ​​of delivery . How quickly does your company deliver services or a product? Map out the biggest slowing factors and see how they can be accelerat. Employee Satisfaction . In the midst of a tight labor market, employee retention is vital. How happy are your employees and colleagues and what can be chang to take this to a higher level? Involve them themselves with a strategy session about the company, the work and the processes. 3. Forcing Strange Eyes In 2010, Tesla appoint Deepak.

Ahuja as CFO, because it was suspect

That the actual cost of a Tesla was higher than known. Ahuja mapp out the actual production costs, cut hard and turn the ship around that almost went belly up . Tesla was (again) protect from bankruptcy. There are countless examples of large and small companies hiring outside Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List resources to avoid blind spots and bias. Similar to Ahuja, creative freelance duos (art director x copywriter)  to create campaigns and orchestras work together with guest conductors for a concert series. Strange, skillful eyes produce long-lasting effects.

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Innovation strategy requires an

Inward look “ The cure for Apple is not cost-cutting, [but to] innovate its way out of its current pricament ,” said Steve Jobs upon returning to Apple. The iPhone was launch soon after. DSM, Bowie, Tesla and Jobs have all shown it. Now it’s time to look in the mirror! Header image creat with Midjourney. 3 practical tips for better PowerPoint presentations Do you want a 15 discount B2C Lead on all our events? Join the Frankwatching community and sign up for the exclusive them newsletter! 2.5k 1 reactions 1 like bookmark Jort van Woggelum from Ter Zake Excel

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