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This was one of the first accounts that really became very big. Michaela’s account. Lil Miquela has therefore already had several successful collaborations with brands. A (in some eyes) less successful collaboration was Calvin Klein’s 2019 campaign video. In this video, Lil Miquela can be seen kissing model Bella Hadid. The criticism that follow was mainly about the fact that someone who identifies as straight can be seen kissing someone of the same sex in this video. According to some fans, this made.

Calvin Klein guilty of queerbaiting

Hinting at LGBTQ+ representation, without actually implementing it. Proponents of this advertisement call this nonsense, because Lil Miquela does not exist. An interesting discussion that continues Belize Phone Number List under these apologies from Calvin Klein . 2. Bermuda – @bermudaisbae Are you looking for a flexible, mysterious and ‘dark’ type of influencer as a brand? Then Bermuda is recommend. If you scroll through her timeline on Instagram (243,000 followers), you will see that she has been photograph with Lil Miquela a few times.

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Although the creators behind virtual

Influencers are often kept ‘secret’, we can assume that  here. AI influencer Bermuda. Also interesting: From her bio, Bermuda references Lil Miquela’s ” Villa M.” A metaverse space where an annual event is host by Miquela. The digital influencers therefore also enter the digital world. 3. Shudu – @shudu.gram Shudu calls herself “The World’s First Digital Supermodel” on Instagram . She now has 241,000 Instagram followers. I think this is the B2C Lead most realistic virtual influencer on this list. Digital model Shudu. And she is no longer the only model from the creator, James Wilson. One of the few makers that can be found online.

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