The Main Thing for Gamification

For example:

I started using Duolingo and realized that I do all these language exercises not to know the language better but to be first on the leaderboards. Duolingo Gamification Elements Duolingo leaderboards If you want to learn more about gamification, our team prepared a great eBook with all the ins and outs of email gamification and Stripo’s own experience. I recommend you check it out.

Traits of a good email gamification:

Gamification of emails is not an easy task, as it may seem at first glance. It’s not enough to Kuwait WhatsApp Number Data just add tic-tac-toe to email and expect a 200% increase in conversions and clicks. In all these years that Stripo has been promoting gamification and using it in its newsletters, I’ve learned that there are several must-have traits for any email game.

Trait Achievable task:

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is that you should set the challenge, but it must be achievable; otherwise, it will demotivate your recipients. I tried so many gamified emails; for example, there is a puzzle game in it. If it’s challenging, then it’s OK, and the recipients will definitely like it. But if it’s so challenging that they can’t get through it, it will demotivate them, and recipients will drop the game halfway. The game must be solved by anyone, from young to old.

Clear goal:

When creating the rules of the game, it is vital to put yourself in the place of the recipient  B2C Lead  and look at your game through their eyes. Ask yourself simple questions like: Is the goal of the whole game clear?
Are the rules clear, or is it better to simplify them a little? Do you need to shorten the game a little, giving fewer questions or tasks? You must answer all these questions before the email with the game goes to the recipients’ mailboxes. The game should be as clear as possible a

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