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First of all, let’s define what gamification is. It is a process of applying typical game-like components to non-game activities to keep people motivated and participating in the task. And we have to understand what kind of game-like components companies can use. For example, it can be data like a point system, rewards, competitive leaderboards, quizzes, collections, and much more.

When this trend:

was not so popular and absent in email marketing, I tried to understand its core and Lebanon WhatsApp Number Data what it’s all about. Especially when I have met a lot of unified demands in banking applications, the learning process, and overall serious parts of life. And I concluded that we like to have fun and some additional motivation to do something.

Motivations behind the gamification:

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and despite having various business motivators (for example, improving something in our emails so that they get on Really Good Emails, which is an honor), these types of motivations are not suitable for everyone. They are boring and incomprehensible from the point of view of other people. I have three children, and if I ask them, for example, “Learn this text because in the future it will bring you a lot of money,” then it will not work. If we learn by playing, then it is much easier.

My arguments can:

be countered by saying that our subscribers and clients are no longer children and are not interested in games. But believe me, we are all children at heart, and  B2C Lead  this is unchangeable. This is a simple fact. I’m 40 years old, and even though I’m not a gamer and don’t own an Xbox, I often find myself playing some simple games. And doing it over and over again, yet I still have many important things to do, businesses to manage, a family to take care of, and so on.

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