The headquarters can split the new member

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When analyzing. We can observe indicator numbers bas. On different dimensions. The selection of dimensions can be bas. On the current situation. How to set targets for line membership management figure 2 | how to choose the observation dimension? An example of the number of new  The headquarters  members in 2022 here are a few situational examples to illustrate line membership management and how to choose dimensions. From a store perspective (store sales department) stores: if it is found that the overall kpi figures are not  The headquarters  performing well. And the “Power point” of new member recruitment lies in the promotion of store personnel. recruitment numbers according to the store dimension. And adjust resources as soon as possible to assist the lagging stores.

From a marketing perspective

Marketing department) activities: if it is found that the overall kpi figures are not performing well. And the “Power  Singapore WhatsApp Number List point” of new member recruitment lies in marketing activities. Whether the marketing department has the budget to plan marketing activities to recruit new customers to sprint the number of new members. You can check from the past data what “activities” have better recruitment results? Split the number of new member recruitments through activity dimensions as a reference for activity planning.

We can find a common point from the

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Above two examples. Which is that the selection of dimensions ne.S to be “Operable”. For example: after the number Sweden WhatsApp Number List  of new member recruitment fell to each month. It was found that the recruitment of new members in december was the best. So I made a suggestion to the key departments and said: “Let’s recruit new members in december next year! Because of the effectiveness of recruiting new members in december it’s the best.

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