And too many information can also confuse

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But what the relevant departments ne. Is to use this analysis to save this year’s new member recruitment kpi. If such analysis And too many  and suggestions are made. It will not be helpful at all to the people listening to the report. In addition. You may also think: it is troublesome to choose dimensions. So I will count all the dimensions and then look at the numbers. But if you want to do this. Be very careful. Because the analysis story may not be easy to tell. those listening to the report.

We should draw out dimensions suitable

For observation and propose business insights bas. On the planning goals of key departments. Rather than Slovenia WhatsApp Number List  presenting a large amount of information at once. Leaving key departments at a loss. In the next article. We will explain how to propose executable optimization plans from business insights through the combination of dimensions and indicators.Extend. Reading: how to start line member management. 2 cases share data application direction there are hundr.S of marketing methods. Let thinker customer data platform integrat.

Omni-channel data for brands! Migo

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Ongdian information is committ. To creating a circular value data ecosystem. Using the thinker customer data platform to provide enterprises with efficient omni-channel data integration functions. Helping  Switzerland WhatsApp Number List brands quickly integrate online and offline consumer data in all channels in a short time. And comprehensively analyze consumption it also has intelligent labeling and segmentation functions. Allowing brands to quickly design marketing strategies for different groups to achieve precise communication results.

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