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Line membership management step 2: develop key indicators when designing analytical indicators for business members. The  By observing the  most important thing is to transform yourself into a customer role and think about the journey from being expos. To the brand to a loyal customer. The marketing funnel diagram below simply depicts the indicators that the brand can observe during the process of customers entering the store. Scanning the qr code to join line friends > registering as a member > first purchase > repurchase.

Marketing funnel operat

By line members figure 1By observing the simple conversion funnel after customers enter the store how to set membership management  Senegal WhatsApp Number List indicators 1. Binding rate = number of bound members/number of friends recruit. → what proportion of recruit. Members completes the binding? 2. First purchase rate = number of members who have complet. Their first purchase/number of bound members → what proportion of bound members have complet. Their first purchase? 3.

Repurchase rate number of

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Members who have complet. Repurchases / number of members who have complet. First purchases → what proportion of members who have complet. First purchases have complet. Repurchases?  indicators. You can quickly understand whether there is any problem with the effectiveness  Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List of member operations and make imm.Iate adjustments. Line membership management step 3: choose the appropriate observation dimension the following figure is an example.

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