The focus of marketing at this stage

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Customer lifetime value .Refers to the total revenue that consumers.  Can bring to the corporate brand within a specific period of time. By analyzing consumers’ customer lifetime value. Companies can better . Understand each customer’s spending power and effectively allocate marketing budgets . The focus of  and resources to expand the company’s profit margins and r.Uce marketing costs. This article will focus on the three marketing stages of the ” the focus of  customer journey ” and introduce relatively suitable and feasible marketing methods in different stages for your reference.

Pre-purchase The focus of  marketing methods

Tips to build consumers’ brand awareness The pre-purchase stage refers to the state where consumers have a ne. for a product or service or start searching for information after discovering problems or  Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List pain points.  is “providing information or suitable solutions when consumers have ne.s.” ” to build brand awareness and expand brand exposure. The first step: physical and digital advertising Utilize online and offline advertising to enhance consumers’ awareness of the brand through multiple exposures of product services or brand information.

For example in addition to purchasing

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Traditional TV ads. home appliance . Brands can also purchase . physical advertising spaces on MRTs. buses. etc.. and establish digital . Advertising spaces on platforms such as Facebook and Google to Spain WhatsApp Number List  actively reach out to potential customers. Step Two: Content Marketing Targeting consumers’ pain points. provide high-quality or information to build consumers’ trust in the brand. Take Shopee. a well-known e-commerce company. as an example.

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