The factors of pedestrian mobility The factors of pedestrian

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Mobility Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google  and Mario Algarín. Pedestrian transportation has been the main means of human locomotion from the remote origins of history until the  century. From that moment on, the expansion of cities began due to the rural exodus and due to the improvements that had occurred in transportation.  Such as the massive use of automobiles or the construction of highways. This great expansion has only been possible thanks to the development of motorized transport.  Which is capable of making increasingly longer journeys in less time.

On the other hand, the growing radius of cities

Made urban journeys on foot increasingly unaffordable, restricting pedestrian traffic to short trips around the home, and around work or study centers. The massive introduction of motorized transport in the city has certainly   to improving the quality of life, the average speed of journeys and expanding  Philippines WhatsApp Data the radius of urban activities, allowing us to reach increasingly distant places in less time. However, it is still true that motorized transport has a series of very relevant limitations such as daily traffic delays, the emission of .  The reduction in pedestrian mobility at the expense of motorized transport favors a sedentary lifestyle, which in turn is  with a wide range of diseases related to this phenomenon.

Likewise, traveling by motorized means minimizes

Interaction with the landscape and the territory, reducing the sense of belonging to the community and thus promoting individualism. Thus, for all these reasons, it is advisable to encourage the development of pedestrian  Australia WhatsApp Number List traffic at the expense of motorized transport, due to the positive effects it can have on the efficiency of mobility, on people’s health, on the climate and on the environment. sense of belonging and adherence of citizens to a territory. Consequently, a group of researchers from the University of  to make  distribution of equipment and facilities and the research will be published in the coming months.

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