Monitoring in the smart specialization strategy

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Importance and limitations Monitoring in the smart specialization strategy: Importance and limitations  in the framework of the European cohesion policy entails the challenge of applying a generic methodological framework for policy formulation to a reality, such as that of the EU regional heterogeneity. For this reason, a fundamental aspect in.  The development of the smart specialization strategy of regional governments to direct the process. However, many regions lack in practice the institutional . Capacity to develop adequate governance of the smart specialization strategy.

In particular, monitoring is called to act as a

Fundamental dimension for good governance of the S3. The monitoring function is a transversal component of the public policy cycle, although it is usually  as a twin brother of evaluation. Monitoring is very  Poland WhatsApp Data often neglected at the academic level and in the praxis of policy . Makers and managers, who mistakenly consider it as a useful activity only for the purposes of complying with financial audit requirements. On the contrary, in its modern conception, monitoring is a key management tool that must assist public authorities in the implementation of . The strategy and facilitate a better connection with other parties which calls for the participation of the main actors in the regional innovation system.

The concept of smart specialization represents

New way of conceiving innovation policy that calls for the intervention of interested parties as protagonists of the entrepreneurial discovery process (Fernández, Martínez-Román and Romero. It is  therefore  Brazil WhatsApp Number List convenient that the actors involved monitoring mechanism so that it is a reflection of the strategy in question. Yeah. Therefore, translating the theoretical proposal of. Practice entails various challenges and difficulties. In this   monitoring.

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