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Galicia the digital divide has been reduced by 13.8 percentage points. Homes with some type of computer: In 2014, the regions with the highest percentage of using some type of computer are Madrid  percent). The largest digital gap regarding homes that use some type of computer is found between the Autonomous Communities of Madrid and Extremadura, being 15 percentage points. In the regions that present the best indicators are Madrid percent.  Catalonia and Navarra (86.3 percent). At the other extreme. There are Galicia and Extremadura.

The largest digital gap is, in between

Madrid and Galicia, with a distance of 14.7 percentage points. Homes with mobile phone: Regarding the state of mobile telephony penetration, the highest values  Switzerland WhatsApp Data  ​​are reached by Castilla y León and Extremadura. On the contrary, the penetration status has been lower in Melilla .  The Basque Country  as these territories are those who started, in 2014, with higher percentages of mobile telephony in their homes.

In all the Autonomous Communities and Cities

Start from percentages of around 95 percent and higher, which leads to the conclusion that there was already a very high implementation of this type of equipment.  Which in  percentage data almost one Cambodia WhatsApp Number List percent in all regions. Where the Autonomous Cities of Ceuta and Melilla are those that reach one hundred percent.  Here education could . Contribute to facilitating the dissemination and use of the Internet. Secondly, the development of employment-generating and indirect effects on . Internet use in households and individuals. Thirdly, implement measures .

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