Explaining scientific evidence to citizens: the case

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The effects of rent control Explaining scientific evidence to citizens: the case of the effects of rent control Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in  University of Barcelona) The rational debate on public policy options, as well as collective decisions aimed at general well-being, requires that citizens know what the scientific, empirical evidence is on the consequences – costs and benefits – of each option. Initiatives such as Science in Parliament respond, in the Spanish case, to the desire to make science and scientific knowledge available to public management. Two considerations (or reflections). First, this being a good and necessary measure, it is not enough for collective decisions to use the available scientific information: it must reach citizens directly.

Second, for information to reach citizens

It is essential to design communication strategies that take into account the cognitive biases that humans experience when processing information. Research in the field of cognitive and learning psychology suggests that when the information  is counter-intuitive and contradicts Oman WhatsApp Data  initial beliefs, it . That is, one tends to accept information that confirms one’s beliefs, and ignores or rejects information that denies (refutes) them. This bias confirmation bias, is one of several that characterize the cognitive process of the human brain. These biases predispose us to accept and hold on to erroneous beliefs, that is, beliefs that are  to scientific knowledge of the corresponding field. Many erroneous beliefs are widespread in society. For example, the denial of the human origin of climate change, the belief that we only use a small part of our brain’s capacity, or the belief that vaccines cause autism.

The main problem with many of these beliefs

They have clearly counterproductive consequences for society as a whole. For example, they cause spikes in certain diseases such as measles, or, as has been seen recently, they translate into an initial reluctance to the  facts may not  Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List be enough to change an erroneous intuitive belief, which is  despite contrary scientific evidence. Vaccine reluctance, or the denial of the human origin of climate change, are examples of beliefs  by.  The  beliefs disproved by the scientific consensus in  administrations is access to affordable housing and what policies to apply to increase it.

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