Approach to the environmental impact of municipal mobility

March 25, 2024 0 Comments

Policies Approach to the environmental impact of municipal mobility policies Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus University. The mobility of citizens and the transit of goods in . Urban contexts are closely  to well-being and quality of life, sustainability or economic, business, social, cultural, educational development, etc. Not in vain, the concentration of the population in large cities is a global phenomenon: according to the . UN  the world’s population will live in cities in 2050. A figure already in Europe, where 74% of The population is already  in cities. Logically, the concentration of the population in the urban . Environment brings with it challenges for improving the well-being of citizens.

Reducing the noise level, improving air quality

Facilitating the mobility of the population within the urban center are essential objectives for the governing bodies of large cities. In this sense, road transport and its organization within the city is one of the elements that most affects Qatar WhatsApp Data  the well-being of the population. It generates noise, has important consequences on the quality of the air in cities and is a key element for urban mobility. However, it is evident that transport is a driving vector of growth and diversification of economic activity  and economic .  Has undertaken several analyzes to understand more precisely the current situation of the issue . Draw up proposals that contribute to having a modern urban mobility framework.

Sustainable and aimed at the general interest

Along these lines, good practices have been  in the urban policy to promote pedestrian  Canada WhatsApp Number List centricity (previous entry here ) and urban electric charging infrastructure provisions have been  here and here ). . The regulatory framework and national and European strategic planning highlight the urgency of moving towards a new sustainable  commitment that the Ministry of Transport. Mobility and Urban Agenda, in accordance with the Sustainable Development . Goals of  mobility a right, an element of social cohesion and economic  a horizon.

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