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Opportunity investment stimulus instrument at the service of the reactivation of the EU as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Something more than a Recovery Plan for Europe, since it does not only aim to repair the damage  by the pandemic. But also to transform the European economic, social and environmental model. According to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von  its approval sends a . Strong sign of confidence and constitutes a historic moment in . European construction. This could be understood in terms of strengthening the founding values, as it represents a shift towards the forgotten solidarity policies in a bid to correct the errors  in the financial . Crisis and subsequent sovereign debt crisis.

Or at least that is the reading that could be

Extracted from the pro-European conviction of the  actions and their spirit. And, for the first time, to finance this  strategy of structural change, loans from international markets will with the support of the Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Data  Union, through a financing policy by the European Commission. This is of the spending items in the . Budget of an integration block that is increasingly aware of the impact it has at a social and environmental level; and not exclusively  by economic criteria.

In contrast to the austere nature with which

The most advanced integration project in history has been financed, the commitment to a more solvent economic allocation to try to make this revamped EU a reality France WhatsApp Number List  is unquestionable. Sticking to the most significant figures, for the coming years the community budget will make up the largest investment package ever programmed.  A true Reconstruction Plan with a total amount that amounts to trillion euros at constant .  Euros at current more than . Objectives and support the green and digital transformation.

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