Publications in Google My Business

Publications in  updating information about the work of the institution in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, it is worth notifying users about the current. Therefore, work schedule or temporary closure. The possibility of arranging the delivery of goods or ordering . Therefore, them on the spot, or data on compliance . With sanitary and epidemiological protocols . Therefore, and indicate the numbers by which customers can call to clarify the necessary information.

Editor of goods, services and product catalog

The product editor is a tool for small and medium-sized Consumer Mobile Number Database businesses to advertise . Therefore, their products to potential customers and encourage interaction with them. When viewing a company’s profile on desktop or mobile devices.  users will see the products offered by the store in the “Product overview” or “Products” tab, respectively. Each of the items . Therefore, added through the product editor will appear on the company profile in Google, regardless of the device on which it is viewed.

The product editor works as follows

In order for your products to be displayed to B2C Lead users. You should add them to the “Products” tab in the company profile manager. Therefore, If you specialize in retail trade, buyers will be able to get detailed information about products.  By viewing them in the catalog or the “From publications . Therefore, about products” tab, as well as interact . With your company’s profile. Therefore, be careful: recently edited categories and products occupy a priority position in the product catalog, so in order to move a certain product to the first page of the catalog, you need to make minor changes to it. In addition, adding a product to the catalog automatically deletes the list of services or menus of another company – you can create them again in the campaign profile manager through the menu or services editor.

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