Some of the examples I see passing by

It’s a great example of how color and photography influence communicating ‘who you are’ as a company. Martijn van Lanen: “We are a creative agency, so in addition to creativity that (hopefully) radiates from it, we want to convey that we are a small yet very diverse team and tackle, set out and realize someone’s communication issue in a qualitative, sime way. We Add Soul!” Mr Koreander’s ‘ about us’ page also conveys the atmosphere well. Compar to Soul Good a completely different atmosphere.

Nice to compare. What I especially like

About this page is that the photos of employees are nice and ‘not tight’. With a real Polaroid camera from 1980 (so no filter) everyone in their own place. This atmosphere is also reflect in the tone-of-voice of the personal texts that are attach to each employee. The atmosphere of Mr. Koreander. Dave de Geus: “Ours, of course. Why? We tell where our name comes from, what we believe in and show our people. With each photo a text that gives a good picture of our Malaysia Phone Number List personalities. And of course a link to our vacancy page, if you also want to join us. Everything, of course, succinctly and full of language.” 6. The ‘completeness’ of Cycling De Geus This is an ‘ about us’ page where you can find everything you want to know about a company.

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From company information to branches

A piece of the past, present and the employees. As Vincent himself points out: ‘Graphically, the page may not be as slick as  here…’. But the average bike shop will envy this page! A nice detail: when introducing the employees, each employee nam his favorite bike. This is a nice link between personal information and passion for the job. The about us page of Cycling de Geus. Vincent Alblas: “In recent years I have work hard to expand the About Us of Cycling De Geus. Why am I proud of it? It has become a nice mix of conveying core values, introducing the B2C Lead entire team (all 47 colleagues), and explaining the history of the company. And in the meantime I have plac enough calls-to-action that leads the visitor to other (more commercial) parts of the website.

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