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The ‘about us’ page of Maatwerk Online. 2. SPEYK’s interactive video Lisanne van de Kuilen shar a link to their interactive video . Lisanne van de Kuilen: “At SPEYK we recently record a very cool interactive video. You have to stand out a bit and with the end result! PS: it is best view on your phone.” SPEYK’s interactive video. A nice addition to the ‘about us’ page (so nice that I immiately plugg the idea internally, who knows something for our own website). What is striking is that when you open the homepage of , it is not.

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Find the ‘about us’ page. But as Lisanne van de Kuilen indicates via LinkIn: the current website will soon get a makeover. I’m curious what the new mobile-first website will look like. In any case, the video bodes well! Read also: The 18 most important content tips & trends for 2023 3. The Japan Phone Number List PQR timeline Nice inspiration from this example is the timeline . A clear and creative structure of the page. And also a good idea to build the timeline from now to past, instead of the other way around. ‘Now’ is of course the most relevant. Maxime Raven: “Do you like yours.

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Marinka van der Eng  Verkuil! With that timeline.

The timeline of PQR. I especially like the figures (the number of employees) per year. I myself do miss the ‘PQR feeling’ a bit. I see few employees, and the focus is very much on winning prizes. So in my opinion a nice design  stronger. 4 & 5. The atmosphere of Soul Good and Mr Koreander Soul Good’s ‘about us’ page exudes atmosphere. This atmosphere is reinforc by the video that can be found on this page. In any case, I immiately get an idea of ​​the working B2C Lead atmosphere when I scroll through this dynamic page. The atmosphere of Soul Good.

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