In contrast two major parties such

Was not done to protect the region’s population or peace, but to promote the interests of Russian monopolies on Ukrainian territory and their fierce competition with Western monopolies»]. Among the signatories there were small parties and other more important ones. In the case of Italy, they sign the Communist Front and the Communist Youth Front (a split from Marco Rizzo’s Communist Party); Among the most important parties, the South African PC stands out. as the Communist Party of India and the Cyprus Labor People’s Progressive Party (AKEL, for its acronym in Greek) did not sign. More recently, the newspaper Rizospastis, the organ of the.

Communist Party of Greece for its acronym in Greek

Dicat articles to criticize the two Russian communist parties that did not sign the document. The Greek communists criticize the Russian comrades for their support for Vladimir Putin and the “imperialist war.” The Russian party that receiv the hardest blows was the Communist Workers’ Party of Russia (PCOR). It is a small party, not Hong Kong Phone Number List authoriz to participate in the elections. The PCOR agrees with the Greeks and other parties in describ the Russian aggression as “imperialist”, but immiately adds that “Russia’s arm intervention contributes to the protection of the population of Donbas.

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To this end, the Russian party assures that

It will not oppose this effective support”, on the contrary, A position, in any case, quite confus. The confusion also arises from the fact that the youth organization PCOR adher to the document of the 42, while the question of the war has creat intense discussions in the leadership of the Russian party with the resignation of two members of the B2C Lead Political Bureau. The “nationalist drift”, denounc by Rizospastis , l the PCOR to recently organize a demonstration “for victory” together with the nationalist movement The Other Russia, heir to uard Limónov’s National Bolshevik Party.

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