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Johan Koning’s ‘about me’ page This is not an example of an ‘about us’ page , but then again it is. Johan: ‘This page is call ‘About us’ because I want to make it clear that this page is not about me, but about us. About you and me and how we can help each other.’ A fun, creative spin on a single-person’s “about us” page. Johan’s about us page. Arjan Jonker: “Johan Koning’s concept remains very good: the only way to justify an ‘about US’ page as a self-employ person.” Bas on the examples, it is immiately apparent that the golden tips for the perfect ‘about us’ page do not exist.

What is relevant information for

Your (potential) customers and new employees? What makes your company unique? You put that, in a suitable style and design, on your ‘about us’ page. The content of this page therefore differs per company. But the above examples do provide inspiration for the content, structure, design Mexico Phone Number List and portraying the employees. Would you like some tips for setting up or improving this page? Then check the 14 questions that Johan Stevens lists in this article . If you have the answers to these questions clearly, you are already a long way.

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What do you think is the best ‘about us

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