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On the contrary. Smaller companies can often switch faster and throw something online more easily, because an idea does not have to go through six departments. Take the transport company Simon Loos . A company with many drivers, but a quick look at LinkIn shows that you can count the number of marketing & communication employees on one hand. And let’s face it, transportation isn’t exactly a sexy product for marketing purposes. Nevertheless, the company caught on fantastically when Nick & Simon announc their break-up. Super simple, just photoshop.

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You’ve got 28,000 likes. example Simon Loos Source: Simon Loos (LinkIn) 5. Choose something that fits your brand As I indicat at the beginning, I am not happy with far-fetch s. Yet that is what many Netherlands Phone Number List companies do in practice. They shoot with hail and use every ‘day of to come up with something fun, which is often not fun at all. If you do this yourself: stop it. First check whether making an is in line with your core values ​​at all . If so, choose the moments that fit your brand.

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April 1, for florists this is Mother’s Day, for beer breweries it is the and for zoos this is of course Animal Day. You will find an overview of all hook-up moments and public holidays in a hook-up calendar . Read also: Uninspir? 21 ideas for your content calendar [infographic] Of course, not B2C Lead everything is includ here, because a name change of Twitter, for example, is not plann a year in advance. Speaking of which; the rebranding of Twitter to X turn out to be the perfect moment for the WWF . And no, it is not funny in this case, but the message is of course simple, fits seamlessly with the organization and is very strong.

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