Heinz was a little late posting this

They almost always put the can or bottle in the center and place a catchy headline above it. For example, the below came in response to the release of the Apple Vision Pro glasses. example heineken Source: Heineken (Instagram) 3. It should bring a smile Messages with humor always do well on social mia, because relaxation is often the main purpose for which people are on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. So use that humor in your too, because Oracle research shows that 91% of people prefer a company that makes them laugh. Of course, April 1 is the perfect time for that, because then people expect you to come up with a funny post.

For example hook up in a playful

Way on the commonly us saying ‘ANWB couples’. 4. Respond to current events A good is often characteriz by the fact that it relates to the news or certain trends. For example, in corona time you saw many New Zealand Phone Number List jokes about the 5 meters and the curfew. Now, on the other hand, it’s a lot about AI. Too much if you ask me, because last April 1 there were dozens of jokes about it, making it difficult to stand out. So choose the theme or topic carefully. At the moment everyone is talking about the new.

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Barbie movie, so what do you do as a

Heinz you come up with two brilliant new ketchup variants. Small criticism: , as the Barbie craze had been going on for a week or two. Had they post this earlier, I am convinc that the reach would have been twice as large. sample Heinz ketchup Source: Heinz (Instagram) I can already B2C Lead hear you thinking: all well and good, those s, but these are companies with a (nice) product that you can use and a marketing & communication department that you say to. True, but you won’t hear me say that making an is only for the big boys.

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