LinkedIn Carousel Posts and Ads

You could also leave a comment on your new LinkedIn carousel document post with a link to a landing page where people can download the PDF, or read the report, in full.

It’s important to note when you upload a PDF to LinkedIn, it becomes publicly downloadable. But a lot of people don’t know that, and the download link is hidden in the full screen view at the top right, so it’s unlikely people will download it that way.
That’s why it’s still effective to link people over to a landing page to attempt to capture their email in order to download the PDF. Get those leads.

carousel ad on LinkedIn

 Create a new campaign Log in to and head to Campaign Manager. Click Create, then Campaign. Setting up a LinkedIn ad campaign 2. Enter advanced mode You can only create carousel ad formats in “advanced mode” so click on Advanced at the top to switch over. It will ask you to create a new ad group. Advanced campaign setup on LinkedIn 3. Choose an objective Give your ad group a name and choose your objective. I chose “website visits” since I want people to click a link. Picking a campaign objective on LinkedIn 4. Set your budget Like on other platforms, you can set either a lifetime or daily budget. You can have the system optimize your business lead ad spend, which is a good idea for most LinkedIn users, or you can set manual bids (recommended for super advanced pros only!). Budgeting an ad campaign on LinkedIn Fill out the budget and your date range and click Next.

Choose your target audience

You can get super specific with audience targeting in advanced mode, including uploading your own custom audience. LinkedIn also has built in audiences based around certain profile attributes, like users who have at least a Bachelor’s degree or work in specific fields. For example, I chose marketing professionals. Obviously, your geographic and demographic targeting will be unique to your needs. Setting up a target audience for LinkedIn ad campaign 6. Choose the carousel format Now we’re at the good part: the actual carousel creation. Choose the carousel ad format: Selecting an ad format on LinkedIn The last (optional) setup task is B2C Lead defining your conversions for accurate campaign tracking. Again, these are specific to your campaign, so check LinkedIn’s help section for how to set up conversions exactly the way you need them.

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