LinkedIn carousel post

Once you’re done creating your carousel ad, click Save at the bottom to add it to your campaign.

Repeat the process to create additional carousel ads within that group, or go ahead and activate your campaign from Campaign Manager to start running your ad(s). 

This carousel catches your eye right away with its bold background color on the first slide. Pair a bright color along with a catchy headline to get attention, then deliver value in your remaining slides. People want data, stats, and to learn something new from LinkedIn. Adobe knows this, and frequently offers relevant advice for their creative professional audience.

Educate your audience

Carousel posts don’t always need to be educational or have fancy infographics. Share photos from a recent community or office event and talk about values that matter. Example of a carousel post on LinkedIn Source: Hootsuite on LinkedIn Steal this: Put together a photo slideshow of a recent event you sponsored or just share photos from around the office. Let customers and prospective employees see what your company is all about.

Brandwatch’s headline caught my attention because it’s different from what we normally see, pushing business database tips that are new, unique, amazing, proven, etc. Instead, their headline promises “unoriginal tips that work.” Honest and descriptive.

Use a contrarian headline

Canva knows their product has a ton of features, so sharing tutorials as carousels helps quickly teach users something new and keep people using their product.
Any company can create step-by-step tutorial carousels, but it’s especially fitting for software firms or consultants and coaches. It’s also a perfect way to repurpose videos or blog posts into LinkedIn carousels. Since LinkedIn carousel posts get so many more clicks and much more engagement than other formats, they’re great for promoting events. Google uses a document carousel post here to promote their free webinar.Create a few slides listing the time, date, and location of  B2C Lead your event (or the URL to sign up for an online event). For a bit more detail, break out a few key points people can expect to learn, or benefits of attending.

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