Income and purchasing capacity of households in approach

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New frontiers of territorial statistics. New frontiers of territorial statistics Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus By Alex Costa and Enric Puig – Analysis Department. Municipal Data Office – Barcelona City Council In the next Regional Studies Conference of the AECR, among the thematic areas of the Congress, one appears that has the title of New frontiers of territorial statistics. This title reflects an interest in statistical innovation that is not accidental, but responds to a general trend in official European statistics.

The most direct and recent example of this interest is that

Eurostat and in the promote statistical innovation. . In the case of our country.  At this time, presents  Germany WhatsApp Data up to twelve experimental statistics: nine already published, one in development and two more that were experimental and are now official statistics. It goes without saying that most of them have regional information, but two especially stand out that go much further: the Mobile Telephone Mobility Studies and, above all, the Household Income Distribution Atlas. The Atlas offers information, down to a census section level.  On household income, with indicators of inequality and poverty.

In addition to the INE Atlas approximations to household income

The municipal level are also found in the statistical offices of the Autonomous Communities. All of this has meant a very notable improvement in the territorial approach of this statistic. Now, if we are interested in the timeliness  Germany WhatsApp Number List of this information.  The situation is much more limited. For the Spanish economy as a whole, the INE has quarterly monitoring of.  Household  implementation and evaluation of public policies. In this note we present an experience developed in the Analysis Department of the . Municipal Data Office of Barcelona City Council that aims to improve this situation power.

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