Some reflections on the socioeconomic impact of the Camino

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Santiago at the local level in the post-pandemic Some reflections on the socioeconomic impact of the Camino de Santiago at the local level in the post-pandemic Share on Twitter  resource key tourism sector for the interior of. Galicia  are beginning to regain confidence in the sustainability of this resource over time. The sharp drop that had occurred in the number of pilgrims (motivated on the one hand by the restrictions on the mobility of people that were maintained for a considerable period of time, especially in terms of international mobility, but also as a consequence of the pandemic and the fear of the potential risk of contracting the disease) was a very important blow at the local level.

Let us remember that, in quantitative terms

The expenditure made by pilgrims has a greater impact at the local level than that made by traditional tourists. The study carried out by our research group  days on average compared to 2 days in the case of tourists), but above all because  Greece WhatsApp Data the expenses incurred are concentrated on services and products that have a greater local incidence: 94% of pilgrims’ consumption spending is concentrated on restaurants and lodging, which are offered locally. The crisis derived from the pandemic therefore had a full impact on the capacity to generate key economic activity for many of the municipalities through which the Camino passes, most of them with a population closely linked to this resource.

The study cited estimated that the equivalent

Population linked by the Camino in some of these municipalities. Camino not only has a very relevant economic impact, but also indirectly affects other  Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List dynamics.  Such as demographics. The study carried out by GAME concluded, through the analysis of nearby neighbors, that in some of these municipalities the . Camino softened the demographic decline between. If they did not have this tourist resource. These municipalities would present a much more regressive evolution of their population.  As is occurring in some areas of the interior of Galicia.

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