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The game “find a pair” was mad for the New Year’s newsletter for the car tire shop Shiny& Diski. Ubscri bers who matche all of the pairs received a promo code. The result was a click-to-open rate increase of 27% compared to email. Newsletters on a similar day with products and a discount. Email newsletter with AMP-game Here is another example, this one for a Black Friday email campaign for the hardware and electronics store Stylus.

Email template with AMP:

Roulette game: “Spin to win” For Karcher, we made a newsletter with a roulette wheel of the different cleaning equipment as prizes. Subscribers could spin the roulette wheel in the email to win a gift. This game produced a 17.5% CTR. Email AMP-game roulette Puzzle game We developed a puzzle France WhatsApp Number Data game for the Easter email campaign for Bomba, an online store for digital and home appliances and electronics. Subscribers collected puzzles and received a bonus of 200 lei for purchases in the store. The click-to-open rate was 34.3% — a very good indicator for the industry.

Email template with puzzle AMP game:

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Here is one more puzzle game for the St. Valentine’s Day promo email campaign for Stylus. Example of email puzzle game with AMP Carousels and accordions The Promodo team used AMP accordions to optimize the email template. We needed to add many products and categories, which would be a long read for customers and inconvenient to scroll through. An accordion is easier to use—customers can click on the categories and see the products.

In addition the accordion:

Email newsletter with accordion block Source. Email newsletter by Promodo for Napoli The carousel block makes emails more dynamic and engaging. It draws attention to promotions and sales in this apparel and footwear store example. Email template with AMP carousel block Important note. It is important to understand that AMP is a resource-consuming  B2C Lead  technology. Even when emails are built using the convenient Stripo editor. For example the development of a promotional email without AMP in the editor takes 3–5 hours (depending on the amount of information. The number of products and required creatives). While an AMP email with a puzzle takes 7.5 hours. And an AMP email with a find-a-pair game takes 9 hours.

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