Plans and New Challenges

AMP to every newsletter, so as not to overwhelm subscribers. What works well for engagement is to occasionally add a variety of AMP content. How AMP content exports to ESPs and CDPs CDP Yespo, AMP exports from Stripo perfectly. With other systems, there may be situations that are less than ideal, such as the need to copy the code via HTML and then edit this code a little.

Some ESPsfor example:

SendinBlue, SendGrid, and Mailchimp—still do not support AMP technology. The technology will not work with any export method, and emails with AMP cannot be Germany WhatsApp Number Data done. These are service limitations to consider. Technically, this solution is possible: make AMP content on Stripo and lead all subscribers to the web version of the email so that they see the interactive content and features. But from a marketing point of view, this is not an effective way since there will be few transitions, and a lot of effort was spent on development.

Important note:

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Check if direct AMP export from Stripo to your ESP and email client is available. On the integrations page, enter the name of the service in the search bar. If you see the AMP icon, the content will export without problems. How to choose ESP with AMP Blitz question from Stripo Did using AMP Stripo blocks save you time compared to HTML-coded AMP emails? “Yes, of course. With ready-made blocks, especially with their simple editing and customization, we spent less and less time on pre-configured AMPs.”

Svitlana Fursa:

Now, in most cases, Promodo uses AMP for promo emails. The  B2C Lead  plan is to actively use it in triggered email newsletters and add it to automated emails, for example, subscription confirmations and other emails in the flow. It will be interesting to see how it works.


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