Their formulation includes polyester resin hardened

With Triglycidyl isocyanurate. Tgic or Triglycidyl isocyanurate , is a polymerization agent that is included in powder paints. It basically works as a hardener. Epoxy Paints The main characteristic of

Typically, the corona is negatively charged

Generating a flow of negative ions from the application tool to the substrate. The dust particles pick up a negative charge from the corona. In addition to the air in

The process for applying powder paint

Strictly rigorous but simple at the same time. Something totally different from the task of applying several layers of liquid paint to cover a surface, even in the most complicated

Learn about Electrostatic Painting for Industrialized Construction

The electrostatic paint that is now used for industrialized construction is a powder created in the s and that has had an unstoppable evolution in the global market. The reason

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Medical check-up for their personal peace of mind. The problem was not focused on a single plant, so they determined after conducting an inspection that the cases of semicircular lipoatrophy

Low-frequency vibrations from machines

Building can also cause irritability. Thermal environment Dryness of the environment. Low humidity, average radiant temperature and air . The correct thing would be an adequate balance between all these

These symptoms have been found

People who work or live in sick buildings , due to the construction materials used such as PVC, technology overload, large fields of static electricity, metal furniture, faulty wiring and

Sick Building Syndrome Examples and Solutions

Sick buildings cause health problems for the people who live or work in them. Producing symptoms such as headaches, throat, nose and eye irritations, fatigue and allergies. In addition to

SATE Insulation system in constant growth optimal

Faced with the challenge of caring for the environment by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we must drastically reduce the energy demand of buildings , which are large consumers of

In reality, there is no fixed cost since it depends

Such as the initial costs of the land where the home is located. The budget of the architecture studio, the procedures to be obtained and the construction itself. Without taking

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Used since ancient times. In bioconstruction it is used because it is a very easy to work with and insulating material. But, the most important thing is that it is

Giving Parents the Opportunity to Get Involved

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A third reason why homework is so important to student success is that it allows children to benefit from parental involvement. Students who have parents who are active in their