Amazon come from all directions

In fact, the risk of runn Amazon today has reach an unprecent height. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as internal and external troubles. In addition to the spoils of many domestic malicious sellers, the Sino-US trade war seems to be another ris obstacle. In the context of continuous increase in tariffs, many ths are no longer under the control of sellers. It seems difficult for Amazon sellers in China to dodge the tariffs. God knows how the follow-up development will be.

Member sellers, it is time to prepare for a

Rainy day and avoid risks. Remember when we talk about Amazon be criticiz by Xinhua News Agency and People’s Daily? Frankly, I really feel sorry for Amazon, especially this arrogant and perfunctory reply. Remember last year when the Amazon Japan site was inaccessible? The customer service Macedonia Phone Number List of the Japanese station respond lightly, say “Chinese sellers cannot log in to the front desk.” Why can’t I access it? In short, accord to laws and regulations, it is not suitable for domestic users to access Amazon Japan. As for the Amazon US station, many sellers are still relatively optimistic. In fact, I am also quite optimistic.

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Nevertheless I still ne to remind

Amazon sellers not to put all their eggs in one basket. The risks of operat , and try some other sales channels or alternatives. Appropriately weaken the dependence on the Amazon platform. In the past few days, there is a NetFilx documentary that is extremely popular. This is “American Factory”, which was invest and film by the Obamas as producers. Last night, I took some B2C Lead time and watch the whole movie. The film is bas on the 2008 financial crisis, the closure of the General Motors plant in Dayton, Ohio, and the depression of the entire community.

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