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Meet new people, greet each other, and get ask about your work and occupation from time to time. In the early days, I was more us to reply with the occupation of a programmer or website owner. Slowly, I would tell the other party that I am engag in the cross-border e-commerce export industry, and to be more specific, I would talk about some cross-border e-commerce platforms. With the continuous change and improvement of business forms, when more and more time and energy are spent on independent stations, off-site drainage.

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I would like to answer in a more general way. I am a cross-border practitioner. Yes, as for the understand and analysis of the development trend of the cross-border e-commerce industry. Personally, I prefer the future trend of cross-border products and traffic. To do cross-border, there is Luxembourg Phone Number List no ne to be specific to e-commerce, let alone a certain platform. Because often your ability to obtain traffic determines how far your cross-border road can go, and your product determines how much profit you can make. Shopify has witness the development of Dropshipp and Shopify has to be mention here.

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The news a few days ago “Shopify has

Become the 10th largest list company in Canada.  $380 before the US stock market open, and its current market value is higher than that of eBay.” When I heard this news, it was another expression of disparity. Shopify beats the eBay marketplace to become a top 10 list company in Canada! Shopify surpasses eBay! At least the ability to make money exces eBay, what B2C Lead does this explain? The answer is crazy independent self-built stations. However, one th must be admitt is that Chinese sellers should not take themselves too seriously.

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