6 steps to improve communication with your client in quarantine

Improving communication with your client is a priority in quarantine. Follow these 6 accounting marketing steps to succeed. Improving communication with your customer should always be a priority, but it’s even more important in quarantine. I, Anderson Hernandes , have already given more than a thousand lectures on this subject and I am willing to share my knowledge in accounting marketing to help you at this time. Basically, you’ll learn how to divide your customers into engagement groups, choose the best communication tools and correctly approach each profile. The complete content is available in the course How to improve your communication with the customer , which is part of the Formation of value strategies to use in the Conta Azul crisis. Interested? Then read on and evolve your relationship with customers.

How to improve communication with Improving

Customer communication has become mandatory to serve companies during quarantine and maintain their competitive advantage. More than ever, you, an accountant, need to understand your client’s needs and communicate clearly to help them  Cambodia Phone Number Data  overcome this crisis. To achieve this goal, you have a powerful tool: accounting marketing . As you might imagine, it is marketing applied to accounting, which helps you to strategize and create an assertive and customer-aligned communication process . And it doesn’t just attract customers, because it is present throughout the purchase journey – from the first contact with the company to after-sales. In this sensitive moment, when several companies were affected by the economic standstill and are looking for solutions to get back on their feet, marketing shows the way to talk to these customers and offer their support in all situations.

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What is he facing right now?

That’s what we’re going to address in the next topics, with a complete step-by-step to improve your customer communication from accounting marketing. Step 1: Understand the moment of the customer The first step to improving your communication with the client in quarantine is to understand the company’s situation in depth . How did the crisis affect this customer? What are your expectations? First of all, you need to answer these questions to prepare the  B2C Lead  communication process, starting from the company’s numbers and financial information. You can collect this data directly from the customer, by email, phone or WhatsApp, for example. Even better if you are connected to the customer through a platform like Conta Azul, which offers a clear view of the company’s situation in a simple online query.

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