How to adopt videoconferencing in the accounting office

Videoconferencing for an accounting office is the new standard of communication during the pandemic. Check out 5 tools. Videoconferencing for an accounting firm is the new communication standard after the coronavirus crisis. With social distancing, accountants need to look to technology for solutions to stay close to their clients and continue supporting their business — even from a distance. In the new normal, post- crisis especially, it is essential to have a tool to present reports, hold online meetings and maintain a relationship of trust with companies. To help you choose, we’ll show you the main tools used in the market and their pros and cons. Keep reading and adopt videoconferencing in accounting.

Use of videoconferencing for an accounting firm during

The pandemic Videoconferencing for an accounting firm has become the official form of communication during the coronavirus pandemic. With the need for social distancing, face-to-face meetings have been replaced by video calls, which allow risk-free contact with customers. As a result, the use of web conferencing tools has  Canada Phone Number Data  skyrocketed around the world, particularly among companies. According to a report by market analysis firm App Annie, published in 2020, videoconferencing apps reached 62 million downloads during March 2020 — a historic record that represents 90% growth in demand. In accounting firms, the situation is no different, as more than ever it is necessary to be close to clients and guide them to face this critical moment. Therefore, even those who were not used to chatting on the computer or cell phone screen had to adapt to the “new normal” of offices.

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This new behavior should last and even increase

The coming years, so it’s important that you adapt to this new reality. Advantages of videoconferencing for accounting offices Video calls beat. Other communication tools due to the unique interaction between company and customer. In the case of videoconferencing for accounting offices, the main advantages are: Captures the customer’s. Focus during the meeting, without dividing attention with other tasks such as chat or voice conversations Allows you to  B2C Lead  share links and even your own computer screen in real time Facilitates the presentation of important reports and financial statements in detail It has recording and history features that help document meetings and tasks Enables more frank conversations and enriches dialogue with body language Allows a more human connection with the customer and facilitates loyalty Provides.

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