How to design scenarios and help your client in decision making

Helping your client to make a decision during the crisis is your most important mission as an accountant. See how to plan. Guiding the client’s decision-making is the most important mission of accounting in this time of crisis . With that in mind, I, Gabriel Manes, Head of Accounting Strategy at Conta Azul, will share my knowledge to help you fulfill your role as a consultant accountant . The content that you will read in this article is part of the complete training of Conta Azul on Value Strategies to use in a crisis, and is available in the course How to design scenarios and help your client in decision making . Next, I’ll show you how to plan each company’s exit from the crisis, understand the different scenarios and come up with a winning strategy for your client. Keep reading and guide your client to make the best decisions.

How to help your client in decision making

During the crisis Helping the client in decision-making during the crisis is one of the central roles of the accountant in this critical moment. After all, he is the most qualified professional to make business diagnoses and guide entrepreneurs in financial, tax and accounting issues. At the point we have reached, which can already be considered a “second phase” of the coronavirus pandemic, companies have certainly already made decisions and acted to survive the  Belgium Phone Number Data  economic stoppage. Even so, most of them — especially small companies — need help to redirect their management and regain momentum for the post-crisis recovery. And, as we know, each company, segment and field of activity suffers the impacts of the recession in a different timeline. That’s where you, consultant accountant, come in to guide entrepreneurs in this scenario of uncertainty and new consumption patterns.

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The Client Should Reopen the Business

Its function is to show whether now, protect cash or even invest, for example, according to the company’s situation, the segment’s direction and government decisions. And believe me, if there’s ever a time your customers need help, it ‘s now. Therefore, I recommend that you adopt a mindset of the type “What would I do if I were in my client’s shoes?”, definitively assuming the position of consultant to assist in decision making. Next, you follow a step by step to B2C Lead put this thought into practice. Step 1: Define the hedging strategy To offer quality service and guidance for decision making, you will have to define a customer base coverage strategy . See how to get started. Divide your customers into A, B and C lanes To start, divide your customers according to their relevance to the business, using the ABC curve model.

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