European insecurity Whether Putin

But there is another level of analysis, that of. Russian-Ukrainian relations, and here the second “original sin” was committ by Russia in 2014 in the context of the. Euromaidan revolution .. Ukraine is a large but fragile state. Its internal composition – a large Russian-speak population in the east and south, and a pro-Western population in. Galicia – but also its geopolitical situation between Russia, on the one hand, and NATO and the European Union, on the other, l Ukraine to make balances. We already saw this balanc act in 2004, when after the “Orange.

Revolution” the pro-Russian candidate

Victor Yanukovych, return to power. Even after the Euromaidan, the possibility of recreat the balance between Russia and the West was real. But that possibility was cut short by the. Russian annexation of Crimea and the war in the Donbas. After 2014, no Ukrainian leader could engage Egypt Phone Number List with Russia, let alone express pro-Russian positions. Russian initiatives push Ukraine towards the West, The invasion we are witness today will consolidate the Ukrainian identity in nationalist terms, mark the final break between the Ukrainian and Russian identities.

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This is a painful process that began

In and will tear apart the social fabric not only of Ukraine, but also of Russia.  will be able to get what he wants from. Ukraine through this military invasion remains to be seen. However, in terms of his relations with the Unit States, NATO and Europe, it is go to be a disaster. The Ukrainian crisis of recent months has reveal a very divid “West” on the one hand, a Unit States preoccupi with other issues – in the Pacific region and with internal political problems – and unwill to confront Russia in Ukraine . US President Biden, who prict the next Russian invasion B2C Lead on more than one occasion, had made it clear that the US would not send its troops to defend Ukraine.

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